SDC05530 Walking Shoes Urethane Beaded Green AdeeSu Studded Fashion Womens xZPWF06

SDC05530 Walking Shoes Urethane Beaded Green AdeeSu Studded Fashion Womens xZPWF06
AdeeSu Green Shoes Urethane Fashion Walking Womens SDC05530 Studded Beaded
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Home - Junco Sato Pollack
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Welcome to Junco Sato Pollack

Beaded Urethane Studded Fashion AdeeSu Green Walking Womens SDC05530 Shoes

JUNCO SATO POLLACKFlame Black Reebok Plus Running Women’s Pump Nero Shoes Black PZYqSYEw1  is a maker of light-reflective fabric sculpture that floats in the space. Junco’s work is exhibited internationally and housed in the permanent collections of museums, corporate workspaces and private homes.


The work’s format is hanging scroll, referencing serendipitous articulation characteristic of Eastern ink-and-brush painting and meditative calm. The work’s intrinsic kinetic quality is sensuous, rigid,yet yielding, and expressive of both Eastern and Western aesthetics.


Native of Japan, Junco began her textile study with a silk master weaver in Kyoto, Japan. During 80s, her work involved three-dimensional silk fabric sculpture in which she manufactured, wove, and dyed silk into three-dimensional forms. Currently she works with metallic and micro-polyester with heat transfer and lamination technology through which dyes are sublimated by heat into the molecular structure of the fabric, simultaneously coloring and texturing the surface.


Since 2008, Junco began work with wild kudzu vines from harvest to woven, and urushi lacquered, table settings as well as handmade paper sculptures.

Beaded SDC05530 Walking AdeeSu Green Urethane Shoes Fashion Womens Studded Works
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